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We carry a wide variety of stock products as well as manufacture custom-made products to fit your specific equipment needs.


Our CNC machining capabilities can produce a wide range of component configurations, shapes and sizes.

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Diversified Specialties, Inc

Diversified Specialties, Inc

Since 1974, Diversified Specialties, Inc. has produced standard and special quality Power Transmission Products for Industrial/ Mechanical Distributors and OEMs. We are an American manufacturer of Timing, HTD® and Poly Chain®. Our state of the art equipment allows us to manufacture a wide range of standard and special pulleys for V-Belts, Poly-V®, Micro-V®, Roller Chain Sprockets, and Spur Gears. Our production management staff has over 100 years of combined knowledge, which gives us the flexibility to meet customer demands whether you need one or 1,000 pieces. We proudly manufacture products to meet ANSI and Metric standards in the USA.

Custom stainless steel pulleys

We Specialize In

  • Reasonable Pricing
  • No Quantity Limits
  • 53 Years of Experience
  • Follow ANSI and Metric Standards
  • 100% Made in USA

Some Of Our Stock Products

We carry stock sprockets, sheaves, and pulleys essential for mounting v-belt drives, synchronous belt drives and roller chain drives. We stock parts with common tooth counts as well as many non-standard tooth counts available for immediate shipment.

Diversified Specialties - QD Sprockets


Diversified Specialties - Taper Lock Sprockets


Diversified Specialties - Minimum Plain Bore


Diversified Specialties - FLANGES


Why Work With Us?

Diversified Specialties, Inc. is trusted by some of the biggest industries.

From packaging machinery manufacturers to machine tools and recreational boats and vehicles. With over 50 years of experience in advanced machining, we can produce custom products to fit your needs.

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