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Spur Gears

Spur Gears

Diversified Specialties is dedicated to producing top-quality custom spur gears using state-of-the-art CNC gear hobbing technology. Our manufacturing process allows us to produce gears with exceptional precision and quality, regardless of the material or quantity needed. From precision gear grinding to gear-cutting methods, our commitment to excellence ensures that each gear we produce delivers unparalleled performance and durability.

Industrial Spur Gears

We Manufacture

We Manufacture

As a leading spur gear manufacturer, we specialize in producing custom spur gears to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether you need one gear or 1000, we have the capabilities to meet your requirements with fast turnaround times. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a wide range of standard and custom spur gears including stem, helical, external, internal, and spline gears in a variety of sizes and dimensions for various industries.

External Spur Gears

External Spur Gear By Diversified Specialties

Gears with teeth on the outer surface of the cylindrical shape, used for motion transmission between parallel shafts in various types of machinery.

Stem Gears

Stem Spur Gear By Diversified Specialties

Gears with a cylindrical stem or shaft at the center, used to transmit rotational motion. Their primary use is in rack and pinion systems, planetary gear systems, and as input shafts where a gear with a bore isn’t feasible.


Internal Splines By Diversified Specialties

An internal spur gear has teeth on the inner surface of a cylindrical shape and is used in planetary systems applications. Internal splines are used in conjunction with spline shafts and allow sliding motion, or can be used in coupling spline shafts together.


Spline Shafts By Diversified Specialties

Spline shafts are gears with teeth on the shaft surface used to transmit power through rotational motion. Spline shafts can generate more torque due to the even distribution of loads across teeth or grooves, compared to a shaft with a single key.

Our Spur Gears




Maximum 20in/500mm diameter with 8in/203mm face width

CNC Gear Hob

Maximum 10in/0.9525mm diameter

Diametrical & Module Pitches Range in AMGA Grades 5 Through 10

AMGA Grade 5

This grade corresponds to a pitch diameter of 1.905 millimeters.

AMGA Grade 6

This grade corresponds to a pitch diameter of 1.5875 millimeters.

AMGA Grade 7

This grade corresponds to a pitch diameter of 1.346 millimeters.

AMGA Grade 8

This grade corresponds to a pitch diameter of 1.190625 millimeters.

AMGA Grade 9

This grade corresponds to a pitch diameter of 1.058 millimeters.

AMGA Grade 10

This grade corresponds to a pitch diameter of 0.9525 millimeters.

Spur Gears

Materials Available

Materials Available


Stainless Steel

Alloy Steel

Cast (Ductile) Iron



Diversified Specialties

What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Highest Quality - Diversified Specialties


No Quantity Limit - Diversified Specialties


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Reasonable Pricing - Diversified Specialties


100% Made In USA - Diversified Specialties

Made in USA

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Over 50 Years of

Follow ANSI and Metric Standards - Diversified Specialties

Follow ANSI and
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