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Advanced Machines to Make It Happen

Advanced Machines to Make It Happen

Diversified Specialties, Inc. focuses on precision engineering to reduce potential downtime.
Our team of specialists and capable machines can handle all of your belt drive needs from gear cutting to turning, milling, plating, other processes and more.

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From gear cutting to turning, milling, plating, and other processes, our machines are capable of manufacturing parts to the most exacting tolerances and specifications.


Our gear cutting capabilities include the hobbing and shaping of all types of synchronous pulleys, roller chain sprockets and spur gears up to an AGMA 8-10 quality. Check out our list of belt profiles here.



With our state of the art CNC equipment, custom design parts that require tight tolerances can be produced precisely thanks to our GibbsCAM® system. With turning capability of up to 20’’ and 400 lbs., a wide variety of parts can be produced quickly from job to job.


Our CNC mills provide the ability to produce anything from simple bolt patterns to complicated shapes. Thanks to our GibbsCAM® system, complicated patterns can be produced quickly to meet the customer’s requirements for custom parts.


Diversified Specialties, Inc., partners with several companies in order to provide coatings that enhance product performance. These include, but are not limited to Electroless Nickel Plating, Hard Anodize, Zinc, and Black Oxide.

Other Machining Processes

Additional processes include standard and metric keyways broaching with normal and close fit tolerances. Other processes include sawing, drilling, tapping and dynamic balancing.

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