Questions YES NO
Do we make specials?
Do we make standards?
Do we have good deliveries?
Do we work in all types of metals & plastics
Do we do secondary operations?
Do we provide pulleys for all types of bushing styles, key less locking devices and idlers?
Do we make timing, HTD and Poly chain?
Do we make roller chain sprockets?
Do we make gears?
Do we reverse engineer positive drive belt pulleys, and sprockets from samples and prints?
Do we make metric pulleys?
Do we help design or improve a positive drive or sprocket, or V-belt drive?
Do we provide assistance in design of positive drive or sprocket (belt) drive?
Do we manufacture 1 of a kind?
Do we do production quantities?
Do we work with blanket orders?
Do we manufacture in the USA?
Location: Outside Charlotte, NC?

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